Great flavors and great aromas give a beer its distinct personality.  We aim high with all of our beers, yet focus on keeping things simple.  Classic styles done beautifully – that is Culture.




A dark ale with malty roasted notes, a floral aroma and a rich hoppy finish.
ABV: 8.6% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 80

dark_beer22x IPA

A SoCal favorite. An Imperial IPA with a floral and citrus aroma. Higher ABV and IBU with a strong Amarillo presence.
ABV: 8.2% | SRM: 5.9 | IBU: 80

light_beer23x IPA

Triple hopped with Citra & Mosaic hops.
ABV:10.6% | SRM:6 | IBU:120

dark_beer2AMBER ALE

An American style ale with toasted malt and a light fruitiness.
ABV: 5.2% | SRM: 11 | IBU: 26


A drier version of an English Brown. American hops used for added aroma and bitterness. Similar to a porter style, with smokey flavors.
ABV: 6% | SRM: 31 | IBU: 42


This mahogany colored ale has rich roasted, caramel, and slight toasted notes. The hop flavors blend well with the malt body and transition to a bitterness intensity that lingers.
ABV:7.7% | SRM:21 | IBU:100

dark_beer2BARLEY WINE

A traditional American style barley wine with a deep amber hue, malty body, rich oak notes and barrel aged in french oak barrels.
ABV: 9% | SRM: 13 | IBU: 78


A Farmhouse Ale made for the summer months. A light bodied beer with fruit aromas and earthy yeast notes.
ABV: 5.6% | SRM: 2.5 | IBU: 22


A Belgian style white IPA, made with Belgian yeast strains giving it fruity aromas, dry hopped with Citra & El Dorado providing subtle citrus bitter notes.
ABV: 6.7% | SRM: 3 | IBU: 70


Our Blonde Ale infused with Black Currant tea adding sweet, fruity notes. Served on nitrogen. *GR @ 32 PPM
ABV: 4.4 | SRM: 4.8 | IBU: 22

dark_beerBLACK IPA

A dark ale with malty roasted notes, a floral aroma and a rich hoppy finish.
ABV: 7.2% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 76

dark_beerBLACK LAGER

A Schwarzbier – German for black beer – with a malted body and crisp lager finish.
ABV: 5.2% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 27

light_beerBLOND ALE

A balanced, crisp beer with a light body. Reminiscent of a German style Kolsch.
ABV: 4.4 | SRM: 4.8 | IBU: 22

dark_beerBROWN ALE

GABF 2016 Gold Medal Winner! Our version of an English style brown, with a light yet malty body, and nutty flavors.
ABV: 5.6% | SRM: 24 | IBU: 20


Our milk stout, barrel aged in french oak barrels with cocoa nibs adding a dark chocolate sweetness.
ABV: 5.2% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 32

light_beer2COFFEE IPA

Our El Dorado Session IPA infused with Lofty Coffee’s™ Ethiopia Aricha cold brew with aroma’s of bergamot, floral notes & berries. Served on nitro.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


A wheat beer with dark malts added, caramel flavors with a touch of sweetness.
ABV: 4.4 | SRM: 22 | IBU: 16

light_beer2EL DORADO IPA

Our single El Dorado hopped IPA.
ABV: 5.5% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 72


A South German style wheat ale that has a taste and aroma that’s classic to this variety.
ABV: 5.9% | SRM: 3.9 | IBU: 15

dark_beer2RED ALE

The color says it all, this beer will please all of your senses. With rich fruit and piney aroma this beer has become a new staff favorite.
ABV: 5% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 20

dark_beer2IRISH ALE

We transformed our Hoppy Red into a more traditional Red Ale. This beer has a perfectly balanced sweet and malty flavor with a nice dry finish.
ABV: 5.6% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 20


Our India Pale Lager, hopped with Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic.
ABV: 7.6% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 72

Culture Brewing BeerKEYHOLE IPA

(Special Release 12/16/13, Grant Brittain | Del Mar Skate Ranch Photo Show)
A rendition of our IPA; infused with roasted grapefruit rinds giving this india pale ale a palette pleasing citrus, smooth finish.
ABV: 6.6% | SRM: 5.4 | IBU: 66

light_beerLA CERVEZA

This is the ultimate summertime beer! A Lager brewed with a slight hint of Mexican influence.
ABV: 4.7% | SRM: 20 | IBU: 20


Roasty flavors with a sweet finish. Served on Nitrogen.
ABV: 6.2% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 32

light_beer2MOSAIC IPA

Our version of the classic California IPA, with citrus and herbal characteristics and moderate bitterness.
ABV: 6.6% | SRM: 5.4 | IBU: 66

light_beer2NELSON IPA

This New Zealand originating hop, Nelson Sauvin, displays aromas of grape and gooseberry. An American style IPA, with a medium body, balanced bitterness, and a crisp, hoppy finish.
ABV: 6.6% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


Our Imperial Stout aged with oak chips adding earthy & caramel-like
ABV: 9.8% | SRM: 42 | IBU: 36

light_beer2PALE ALE

A Cascade dry hopped, malty Pale with a crisp finish.
ABV: 5.8% | SRM: 7.1 | IBU: 43


A local favorite. This smooth Russian Stout has coffee and chocolate flavors with a silky sweet finish.
ABV: 9.8% | SRM: 46 | IBU: 40

light_beer2RYE IPA

Don’t be fooled by it’s light appearance, this RYE IPA packs a citrus punch up front with tangerine, grapefruit and cherimoya; all of which compliment a subtle breadiness on the finish.
ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 66 | SRM: 6


Our milk stout, with a touch of peppermint.
ABV: 6.2% | SRM: 32 | IBU: 32


Beer release no. 3 of our 5 part Session IPA Series. A single hopped Amarillo IPA filled with flowery & citrus aromas.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


Beer release no. 2 of our 5 part Session IPA Series. This single-hopped Citra IPA displays strong aromas of citrus, gooseberry, passion fruit, melon & lime.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


Beer release no. 4 of our 5 part Session IPA Series. This single-hopped El Dorado IPA displays fruity, tropical flavors with a light body and smooth finish.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66

light_beer2SESSION IPA

Session IPA, hopped with Amarillo, Citra & Simcoe.
ABV: 5.2% | IBU: 78 | SRM: 5


Beer release no. 1 of our 5 part Session IPA Series. This single hopped Mosaic IPA is designed at a lower ABV with all of the same IPA hoppy goodness!
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


Our Nelson hopped IPA, in a session fashion.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66


Beer release no. 5 of our 5 part Session IPA Series. This single-hopped Simcoe IPA has unique aromas of citrus, earthy, and floral characteristics.
ABV: 4.8% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66

light_beerSOUR CHERRY

Barrel aged, sour cherry flavored with tart cherries & barrel aged; mimics a Berliner Weisse bier.
ABV: 4% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 10

light_beerSOUR GRAPE

Barrel aged, sour grape flavored with red table grapes & barrel aged; mimics a Berliner Weisse bier.
ABV: 4% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 10

light_beerSOUR MEDLEY

A Berliner Wesse bier with a blend of apple, grape and cherry fruit flavors.
ABV: 3.8% | SRM: 6 | IBU: 8

Culture Brewing BeerMANGO GOSE

With breweries and Women across the world, a group of our female staff members brewed this beer in collaboration with Pink Boots Society for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. A portion of the proceeds from each of these beers sold will go back to Pink Boots Society to help women further their beer careers through scholarships and the educational programs PBS provides.
ABV: 4.7% | SRM: X | IBU: 9


Our wet hopped Cascade IPA. This beer was brewed with fresh whole leaf Cascade hops picked by our team at San Diego Golden Hop Farm, located in Fallbrook, CA.
ABV: 6.6% | SRM: 4 | IBU: 66

Measurement Reference Guide:


Alcohol By Volume: A standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a percentage of total volume).


Standard Reference Method: One of several systems modern brewers use to specify beer color. This number represents a single point in the absorption spectrum of beer.
*Please note, all beer styles 8% or above will be served in a 10oz full pour only.


International Bitterness Units: An international scale measuring the perceived bitterness of beer, with lower values being generally “less bitter” and higher values “more bitter”.

*Please note, all beer styles 8% or above will be served in a 10oz full pour only.


Gluten-Reduced: Many of our beers are marked with a “GR” due to the use of an enzyme called Clarity-Ferm, which significantly reduces the gluten content in beers made with barley and wheat. A Clarity-Ferm treated beer made from barley or wheat usually tests below 20 ppm of gluten, the current international standard for gluten free. – Information from White Labs.